2010 RF Design Contest


2012 RF Design Contest Brought to you by Parallax & Linx Technologies


Project Submittal Rules

Please note: You will need the 433 MHz RF Transceiver (27982) to participate in this contest.

1. Project Number:

Email to rfcontest@parallax.com - Name, address, phone number and e-mail contact information.
Brief description of the project you plan on submitting.

Statement concurring that you agree to completely abide by the 2010 RF Design Contest Submittal Rules.

The issuance of a Project Number represents a commitment on your behalf to submit a project in the contest. Project Numbers were issued until April 30, 2010, and the contest is now closed to new entries.

2. Eligibility: Applicants should be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18 you will need to have your legal guardian fill out this consent form. Please note that if you wish to participate in this contest you need to take responsibility for your own involvement. Parallax Inc and Linx Technologies reserve the right to pull any application at any time for any reason. Employees of Parallax Inc. and Linx Technologies are not eligible to enter the contest. International applicants are encouraged to submit their projects. Parallax Inc. and Linx Technologies disclaim any responsibility associated with your country's rules or conditions pertaining to entering contests, should they apply. If you are a winner in the contest and receive Parallax Inc. and Linx Technologies product as your prize, you will be responsible for shipping charges and import taxes should they apply.

3. Submitting a Project: All project submittals must be made by e-mail only by May 31, 2010 (11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time). No hard copies will be accepted. Specifically, this is what we require for submitting a project:

  • Project Report in MS Word format with the following sub-headings: Project Number, Project Description, Schematic, Block Diagram (if applicable), Source Code, Bill of Materials and Pictures. PDF is an acceptable substitute if the applicant is able to provide the original graphic files upon request so they may be posted on our web site. All documentation must be provided in clear English language. The project description should be one page or less. This would be the first attachment in the e-mail message.
  • Source Code Well-formatted and documented code is required so the judges may develop a reasonable understanding of the functionality. This would be your second attachment in the e-mail message, zipped up if you have more than one file.
  • Pictures Submit between three and six different digital photographs of your project, electronics and project in use. Submit at least one photograph of the project designer holding the project. Provide the photos in high-resolution format; Parallax Inc. will make any lower-resolution photos for web or print use. MPEG or WMF-formatted videos may also be submitted if the project involves motion. All pictures and videos would be your third attachment to the e-mail, zipped up into a single file. Videos and/or a working prototype are suggested for highly complex entries.

Multiple e-mail messages may be submitted if file sizes are a problem. The judges may request the submittal of the physical project you designed. Judges may also request clarification of specific project details.

4. Judging: The following judges will assess the submittals:

  • Lauren Davis, Marketing Manager at Parallax Inc.
  • Mike Edmiston, Director of Worldwide Sales at Linx Technologies
  • Conrad Jordan, Marketing at Linx Technologies
  • David Carrier, Process Technician at Parallax Inc.
  • Chris Savage, Engineer at Parallax Inc.
  • Dave Andreae, Tech Support at Parallax Inc.

5. Criteria: Projects will be judged according to the following factors:

  • 30% Design Appropriateness Determined on applicant's ability to use the 433 MHz Transceiver to achieve a working design.
  • 30% Originality Creativity of the project.
  • 25% Professionalism This is based on the use of clear English in the Project Report, a quality design (if needed), clarity of explanations, quality of pictures and source code formatting/commenting.
  • 15% Practicality Based on the project's usefulness.

6. Legal Considerations: Design submittals will remain the intellectual property of the applicants. Due to the open-project nature of the contest, applicants with submittals of particular commercial value should consider obtaining copyrights or patents. Applicants may copyright their submittals simply by putting a copyright (C) with the author's name and date within the code to provide some form of protection. All applicants grant Parallax Inc. and Linx Technologies non-exclusive web and print publication rights, whether they are selected as a winner or non-winning entrant. Parallax Inc. and/or Linx Technologies will post all projects in entirety on our web site. Selected applications may also be published in print in advertisements, images, catalogs or books created by Parallax Inc. and/or Linx Technologies. By entering, applicants agree to release and hold harmless Parallax Inc. and Linx Technologies and any associates from any and all liability.

7. Prizes: Winners will be notified by June 30, 2010. Projects will be posted on the Parallax Inc. and Linx Technologies website by the end of July 2010. United States winners will receive a W-9 income tax form to report their winnings. The total prize money is $3,000. This is how the prize money will be distributed:

First Place Prize: $2,000 cash and a 1st place trophy!

Second Place Prize: $1,000 cash

*Third Place Prize:
All Parallax products below:

  • Parallax Stingray (28980)
  • Three PING Ultrasonic Sensors (28015)

All Linx products below:

  • MDEV-GPS-SR kit
  • choice of MDEV-LICAL-MT kit or MDEV-LICAL-HS-ES kit, plus a Linx hat and shirt

*Fourth Place Prize:
All Parallax products below:

  • Boe-Bot Robot (28132 or 28832)
  • PING Ultrasonic Sensor & Mounting Bracket (28015 & 570-28015)
  • Easy Bluetooth Module (30085)
  • Choice of one Linx product below and a Linx hat and shirt:

* Parallax Inc. product prizes can be traded for other merchandise from Parallax Inc. Third place can redeem up to $350 total in retail value of merchandise from Parallax Inc instead of suggested Parallax prizes. Fourth place can redeem up to $250 in retail value of merchandise from Parallax Inc. instead of suggested Parallax prizes. Third and fourth place prizes are merchandise only prizes, no cash will be awarded. Product prize choices from Linx Technologies for third and fourth place are as advertised. Free UPS Ground Shipping to the contiguous United States only.