ActivityBot Educators Course

Attendees will experience how easy it is to jump into STEM topics with the ActivityBot robot, a development platform for the multicore Propeller microcontroller. Our web tutorials, SimpleIDE software and custom libraries designed for beginner-level embedded C programming lets students start quickly with simple successes, and dive deeper when their curiosity is engaged. Designed with high schoolers in mind, discussion will include adapting for use with different grade levels.



  • Build a low-battery indicator circuit
  • Learn robot motor control and navigation basics
  • Control distance and speed using encoders
  • Avoid obstacles with touch whiskers
  • Autonomously navigate a room using infrared headlights
  • ...and much more.  See the current ActivityBot Educators Course Activities page.


STEM Topics

  • Programming & Computing: displaying messages, remembering, computations, counting and repeating actions, decision making, using libraries to simplify your code, multiprocessing libraries
  • Physics: velocity, distance, time, sound and light frequencies
  • Robotics: sensor inputs, microcontroller processing, motor control output
  • Electricity & Electronics: voltage, resistance, current, voltages and signals, binary vs. analog signals
  • Digital Electronics: control binary outputs and monitor inputs, A/D and D/A conversion


Prerequisites and Equipment

The topics in this course are technical in nature so experience with tinkering and/or computer programming basics are helpful but not absolutely required.  Minimum prerequisites are typing and basic computer skills: operating a mouse, installing software, navigating between applications on your computer. 

Propeller ActivityBot robots and other hardware to use during the course will be provided. Bring your own Windows or Mac laptop computer.  Click here for the SimpleIDE software and USB drivers installation instructions.


Scheduling & Registration

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