At Parallax we are constantly amazed by the projects people create with our hardware. We also know just how well an outside project can help inspire interest in a personal project. That's the basis for our inspiration page: a place to be inspired and share completed projects to inspire others.

Share your project here! Parallax offers product credit to qualified, complete project applications on a case-by-case basis. Email for details.

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Leave blank for all. Otherwise, the first selected term will be the default instead of "Any".
  • Chicken Using Coop Boss

    It was the first warm evening of spring and I just sat down to watch TV after dinner.  I picked up my iPad and tapped the link to our chicken coop’s web cam.  Instead of the usual bobbing heads of sleeping chickens I only saw one chicken and noticed the coop’s floor was covered with feathers.

  • Prospero: The Robot Farmer

    Prospero is the working prototype of an Autonomous Micro Planter (AMP) that uses a combination of swarm and game theory to make planting decisions plant by plant. The robot is designed to operate as a swarm and is the first of four developmental steps.

  • Aquarius: The Greenhouse Robot with inventor David Dorhout

    Aquarius is a robot at the cutting edge of greenhouse technology that dependably waters your plants accurately and efficiently using its on-board 30 gallon tank and custom technology.

  • TheraPlay 2.0: Creating an Engaging Robotic Platform for Dyssemic and Autistic (ASD) Children

    Dyssemic (socially-challenged) is a term that refers to kids that have trouble communicating their ideas with other people and expressing themselves in general. Autism is a subset of dyssemia and is considered a spectrum disorder, meaning that each child has different characteristics in the way autism affects them.

  • Figure from The Propeller Experiment Controller Paper

    I am doctoral student studying behavior analysis and comparative psychology at Oklahoma State University in the laboratory of Dr. Charles I. Abramson. To be brief, I study basic principles of learning common to many species, including humans. I use the Parallax Propeller Microcontroller in my research.

  • Christmas Lights LED strips

    I work as a software developer, and have always been more comfortable at the code level, a bit lost once I got below the digital logic level. While I played with a Heathkit growing up, I never seemed to get past Ohm’s Law. So as a way to learn more about electronics, I picked up the Basic Stamp Activity Kit a few years back.

  • An iPad at a docking station using the Collection Wall at the Cleveland Museum of Art

    I’m privileged to work for Zenith Systems, LLC as a software developer for A/V automation systems. We provided the design, installation, and technical support for the Cleveland Museum of Art’s new Gallery One.

  • The Robo-Stamper

    Last year, Windsor Locks Middle School developed a unique application using Parallax products. The school created a positive-incentive program to reward hard-working students with points that could be redeemed for special activities.

  • OpBot at a Robotics Conference

    Our founder, Russ Martin, has been called a cross between Jimmy Buffet and Albert Einstein. Along with his wife Fay, he founded Florida Robotics over 20 years ago. As a life-long fan of all types of gadgets electrical, mechanical, and electronic, Russ decided to start a robotics business focusing on using technology to create fun.

  • Pulmonary Capacity Analyzer system.

    The Pulmonary Capacity Analyzer is intended to measure a user's lung capacity. By measuring the velocity of air moving through a breathing device, the microcontroller can calculate the volume of air that was moved during the time of inhalation.

  • Internal workings of the Triabot.

    The Triabot is based upon an Arduino Mega 256k development system with a Parallax Shield. It is capable of transmitting any patient’s vitals, through an Xbee transmitter using a Parallax SIP adapter, to a base station personal computer up to 15 miles away.

  • Grip test device in progress.

    Our project entry is an inexpensive device used to conduct a quick neurological field assessment of a subject who may have sustained a brain injury.