Box Maze

Contest Name: Box Maze

Submitted By: Courtesy of Gary Reynolds, Physics Instructor at Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, CA


  • Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot, ActivityBot or Similar Robot
  • 3 (three) 36-inch long 1x6” or 2x6” Boards
  • 2 (two) 14-inch long 1x6” or 2x6” Boards
  • 1 (one) 20-inch long 1x6” or 2x6” Board
    • (Similarly sized hard objects can be used instead of boards)
  • Right angle brackets or other means for holding up the center board


  • The objective is for the robot to locate the opening and exit the box in the shortest time possible from each position.


About the Robots:

  • The robots in this game must be similarly matched in capability - wheel encoders should either be required for all robots or not allowed for any, top speeds should be similar, the sensors allowed should be the same.

About the course/field:

  • A robot fitted with touch sensors, IR sensors, or a PING))) sensor will be given 3 different positions and directions to start within the box, unknown beforehand.

About the Game:

  • This competition tests the robot's response to its sensors, accurate movement, and strategy of the programmer.


  • Raw score is the sum of seconds for exiting from the three different starting points.
  • Any robot that does not exit within 120 seconds is stopped and assigned 120 seconds for that attempt.
  • Maximum score allowed is 50 points. Note that three exits within 20 seconds or less will give a maximum score. Failure to exit 3 times produces a zero score.
  • Scoring formula: