Featured Teachers

We've Moved -

The Featured Teacher content once available here, has been moved to our main site.  Parallax is maintaining this program; we wish to seek and promote more talented teachers in STEM fields.  If you are using, or know someone that uses, Parallax products and currently an educator you may qualify.  We would enjoy hearing from you and knowing more about your story.

Featured Teachers with Parallax

About the Featured Teacher Award Program

The goals of our Featured Teacher Award program are:

  1. To recognize the contributions made to the educational community by teachers we are honored to meet through Parallax Education.  We are often amazed by the creative ways they use our products in a broad range of educational settings.
  2. To help other educators start or improve their STEM or Robotics programs by providing inspiring examples of what is working for their peers.  This is a place for teachers to share a bit of experience, ideas, advice, and even resources if so inclined. After all, our teacher-customers are the true Parallax Education experts!