Step 8: Attach the Bottom Chassis Plate

With everything prepared, you will now carefuly attach the bottom chassis plate. Some patience will serve you well here. The ELEV-8 v3 is designed with tight tolerances to achieve the strongest and most rigid from possible, so it may take a miniute or two to get everything lined up properly. 

Tools Needed:

  • #1 Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Parallax Combination Wrench (#700-10025)

Parts Needed:


  1. Over each screw, slide a nylon spacer followed by a saddle washer.

  1. Slide the bottom chassis plate over the screws, so that the large hole is towards the front (farthest away from you).

  1. Slide the landing gear over the outer screws.

  1. Thread locknuts onto all eight screws.

  1. Using the screwdriver and wrench, tighten (clockwise) all eight screws until there is no longer a gap between any parts (including nut or screw-head). Then turn the locknut one more full rotation and stop.