Gripper 3.0 Assembly Instructions

What it's about

The Gripper 3.0 is a precision CNC-machined end effector design for all of Parallax’s small robots. A single servo actuates the grab-and-lift motion with only a small amount of linear movement. The tension between the Gripper plates is determined by a torsion spring which also holds the plates down until the Gripper has closed from the initial servo movement. The remaining servo motion raises the object off the surface. The robot programmer only needs to determine the servos opened/lowered, closed/raised position and the rate at which the transition occurs. The programmer needn’t consider the specific width of the object, just whether it fits within the Gripper’s paddles.

The kinds of objects the Gripper can pick up include 3D-printed cylinders, small wooden square blocks, and most lighter things about 1-½” in diameter and up to an ounce in weight. Take these parameters into consideration when designing autonomous robot contest rules.   

Assembly requires about one hour and may be achieved by anybody with some hand tool proficiency and attention to detail.

Before you start

You will need:

  • A Gripper 3.0 kit (#28203)
  • An assembled and navigation-tested Parallax small robot:
    • Boe-Bot (#28832, (#28132, #81031)
    • ActivityBot (#32600, #32500)
    • cyber:bot with micro:bit (#32700)
    • Shield-Bot with Arduino (#32335, #81033)
  • The Parallax screwdriver (Philips #1/flathead combo)
  • Right-angle wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers

After you finish

Your robot will be equipped to pick up and carry objects!