Try This: Display with Variable Labels

Let's try modifying the script so that it displays s = ABC 123 instead of just ABC 123 in the terminal. That way, you'll know that the terminal is displaying the contents of the s variable you created. This is very useful in a script that has many variables!

Example script: first_string_try_this

  • Change the name of the script from first_string_intro to first_string_try_this.
  • Change print(s) to print("s = ", s), then save the modified script.
  • Run the modified script.
  • Verify that the terminal displays s = ABC 123
# first_string_try_this

from microbit import *


s = "ABC 123"
print("s =", s)


Your Turn - More Elaborate Strings

This script has some of the fancier strings that were discussed earlier.  s1 is multiline, s2 is a single line that has been split across multiple lines in the Python editor.  S3 is a string in double-quotes that contains a couple of single quotes.  S4 has three escape characters, \t for tab, \' for a single quote, and \n for the invisible character that advances the cursor to the next line.

Example script: first_string_your_turn

  • Enter this script and save it as first_string_your_turn.  
  • Flash the script into the micro:bit.
# first_string_your_turn

from microbit import *


s1 = """s1 is a string
with more than one line
enclosed by three double-quotes."""

s2 = "s2 is a string with only one line "\
"that has been split into multiple "\
"lines to fit in your code editor. "\

s3 = "s3 is in double-quotes but 'contains' single-quotes."

s4 = 's4 has tab \t apostrophe \', and newline \n...for next line.'



  • Open the terminal and verify that:
    • s1 string display as three lines.
    • s2 string displays as a single line, but might wrap inside the terminal.
    • s3 string contains two apostrophe single-quotes.
    • s4 string displays a tab, an apostrophe single-quote, and displays ...for next line on the line below.

Keep in mind that some of the lines might wrap depending on the width of the browser and possibly due to settings inside the terminal.