Robotics for the Boe-Bot / Shield-Bot Course Guides

Robotics for the Boe-Bot / Robotics with the BOE Shield for Arduino Course Guides includes:

  • Full-Year and Semester Long zipped folders that include:
    • Example Course Roadmaps and Syllabi
    • Deeper Learning Guide for Project-Based Learning
  • An Assessment and Grading Guide for Best Practices in PDF format

The downloadable documents are all titled Robotics for the Boe-Bot, however, both Robotics for the Boe-Bot and Robotics with the BOE Shield for Arduino contain the same concepts, chapters, and structure, so these planning and course guides can be used for either text.


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AssessmentandGradingGuide.pdf193.78 KBWed, 01/24/2018 - 21:33