BlocklyProp Seismometer

A side-view of the BlocklyProp Seismometer project.

This Learn project was written by a long-time Parallax friend and robotics enthusiast, Carol Hazlett. Most of the parts come from the BlocklyProp Starter Kit, but several components will likely require a trip to a local hardware store.

This can be made with the Blocklyprop Starter Kit with the addition of four 5/8-inch-wide springs, eight 4/40 screws 5/8 inch in length, eight 4/40 nuts and a flat base which can be made of plastic, wood, or metal. This project can be done in just a couple of hours and will be fun for everybody.


Parts Needed:

From the BlocklyProp Starter Kit (#32520):

Additional hardware:

  • (8) - 4/40 5/8’s screws
  • (8) - 4/40 nuts
  • (4) - 5/8th X 1 ½ inch springs
  • (1) - Wood or Plastic base material