OLED Display with BlocklyProp

The 96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module (#28087) is easy to add to your BlocklyProp projects. It can be used for displaying graphics, text, and images in color.  The display portion of the Color OLED module measures 0.95" diagonal, and contains 96 x 64 pixels. Each pixel can display 65536 different colors.

What it's about

This tutorial shows you how to connect the 96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module to your Propeller Activity Board. Then, it will guide you through writing BlocklyProp programs to display text, numbers, and images on your OLED display.  It covers using different fonts, different shapes, and different colors. It even demonstrates simple animation by moving a shape across the display.

What's needed

  • (1) 96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module (#28087)
  • (1) Propeller Activity Board (original or WX #32912) and programming cable*

*Any other Propeller development board with a similar 5 MHz oscillator and 64 KB EEPROM will likely work with this tutorial

Before you start

After you finish

Once you have completed this tutorial, you will be ready to use the 96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module with other sensors and accessories in your BlocklyProp projects.

  • Follow the links below to get started!