Christmas Caroling Device with Light Display Project

Level: Beginner
Skills Required: Breadboard circuit-building, PBASIC programming
Hours to Complete: 1

Bring the spirit of the holidays with you anywhere using this DIY caroling device and light display! This activity demonstrates how to program four different Christmas songs to play depending on the position selected on the 5-Position Switch.  While each song is playing, red and green LEDs will blink a light pattern, unique to each song.

What's Needed

  • (1) HomeWork Board with BASIC Stamp 2
  • The BASIC Stamp 2 Board of Education is also suitable for this activity.
  • (5) 470 Ω Resistors
  • (3) Green LEDs
  • (2) Red LEDs
  • (1) Piezospeaker
  • (1) 5-Position Switch

Getting Started

If you are new to the BASIC Stamp microcontroller or to programming, it would be a good idea to review the following before beginning: