Propeller C - Functions

This is a C-language tutorial for the 8-core Propeller microcontroller. It features the Propeller Activity Board (original or WX version) but other Propeller development boards will work.


What it's about

A function is a little piece of reusable code designed to do a specific task.  This tutorial will show you how to use functions, pass information to them, and get information back from them. It shows you how C functions work with the Propeller's memory and multiple cores.

Before you start

After you finish

Once you are done here, you will be able to understand how functions are used in these tutorials' example code.  And, you will be ready to write functions to use in your own projects. You will be well-prepared for:

  • Simple Circuits - blink lights, monitor pushbuttons, make beeps, and more
  • Simple Devices - try sensors, record data, play WAV files, read a joystick, and more

Just follow the links below to get started!