Linux Release

Linux users can compile from the repository source code on GitHub. The download link below will take you to the SimpleIDE GitHub repository.

  • Requires the following dependencies: ctags, libaudio, libQtCore, and libftdi1 (also manually available from the the FTDI Driver Download Page).
  • Follow the installation instructions in the Linux INSTALL.txt file to install to your computer.

If you try it and find something you think might be a bug, please report it to the SimpleIDE Open Source Project site's Issues page.


Connect Your Board & Run a Test Program

  • Connect your Propeller Activity Board or other Propeller board to your computer's USB port with a USB A to Mini-B cable.
  • If your Propeller board is not USB-powered, connect a power supply to your board. 
  • Turn on your board's power switch (if it has one).

3-position Switch
If your board has a 3-position switch, you can set it to 1 or 2. 1 will power the microcontroller and the sockets alongside the white breadboard. 2 will also power the 3-pin headers above the breadboard.

  • Run SimpleIDE.
  • Use the COM port dropdown in SimpleIDE's upper-right corner to select the COM port your board is connected to.
  • Click the Run with Terminal button, and verify that a"Hello!" message appears in the SimpleIDE Terminal.
  • Next, follow the link below to update your Learn Library Folder - important code you need for the Propeller C tutorials, if your release of SimpleIDE is older than the latest Learn folder.