Update your Learn Folder

Update your Learn Folder

The Learn folder contains C code in the Simple Libraries and Examples folders that you will need for the Propeller C Tutorials.  There are two options, a .zipside file, and a .zip file. Instructions for using both are below; the choice is yours.

Download the Latest Learn Folder (offsite)

.zipside file

SimpleIDE's Update Workspace feature will first archive your existing files in a Documents\SimpleIDE_Backups folder, and then selectivey update files in your SimpleIDE/Learn folder.

  • Download the .zipside file to your computer. 
  • From inside SimpleIDE, click Tools >Update Workspace.
  • In the dialog that appears, click the Browse button and navigate to the .zipside file, and then click Open. 

.zip file

  • Browse to ...Documents/SimpleIDE, and rename your Learn folder.
  • Download the .zip file below to your computer, and then unzip/extract all files.
  • Copy the Learn folder inside it to ...Documents/SimpleIDE.

You are now ready to try Propeller C - Start Simple.

MIT License — The C libraries distributed in the Learn folder are offered under the MIT license, which is included with each library.

These Libraries are a Parallax Open Source Project.  If you are looking for the latest experimental branches or an older version of the Learn Library, see the Simple-Libraries project on GitHub.