Make the Pixy2 Connections

Camera Connections

  • Peel apart the 100 mm MF jumper wires and make the connections between the Pixy2 module and your Propeller Activity Board WX as shown below. Note that you must leave the 5 VDC wire disconnected if you have your Pixy2 module's USB port connected to a computer.


Pixy2 Propeller Example Code

Now your ActivityBot 360° is ready to run the Pixy2 test code available in BlocklyProp, Propeller C, or Spin language:

Pixy2 CMUcam Demo Code Downloads


Pixy2 Guides & Resources

The Pixy2 module needs to be trained to recognize the objects you want it to detect when you are running your Propeller program.  For guides on how to train your Pixy2 using the PixyMon software, see the official Pixy2 Index at

Pixy2 Resource Index