Software and Coding Check

It's time to program your ActivityBot 360°!  Make sure you are ready. If you have not done the prerquisite tutorials yet, now is the time!

BlocklyProp Solo Programming Tool

BlocklyProp is a graphical online programming tool for the Propeller microcontroller.

  • If you are already familiar with BlocklyProp Solo, open your Launcher and get started.
  • If you have NOT used BlocklyProp Solo before, complete this Getting Started with BlocklyProp Solo tutorial and then return here.

Simple BlocklyProp Programs

It's a good idea to become familiar with the basics of BlocklyProp programming before trying to program your ActivityBot robot. 

BlocklyProp Functions and Multicore

This tutorial shows you how to build functions—reusable chunks of code—with blocks. Then, it explains what multicore means, and how to launch these functions into different Propeller chip cores so they can run at the same time. It's a powerful tool for robotics, one that is beneficial to understand before you go further.