Polite ActivityBot Variation

Don't like cats? Or perhaps you just want to try out some different sounds?

The Polite ActivityBot is a variation of the same code base, with different WAV files for the three behaviors. Instead of meowing, purring, and hissing, Polite ActivityBot uses its words to nicely request that you move out of its way.

Download the Polite ActivityBot code


So Polite!

The behavior code itself is exactly the same, so if you want an explanation of how Polite ActivityBot works just look back one page to "How KittyBot Works". The code download above already has the new WAV file names in it, you just need to upload the included WAV files to your sd Card. To check out Polite ActivityBot in action, watch the short video below.

  Polite ActivityBot.c

  Version 1.0, 10/31/2013


  Requires abdrive version 0.5.5 and wavplayer 0.9 or above

  Drive forward until object detected with PING))) sensor on P8, within 20 cm.
  Stop and play 1st audio response from SD, then recheck for object. If it moved,
  play 2nd audio response and continue. If it did not move, play 3rd audio response,
  rotate left or right at random until clear path is detected, then drive forward.

#include "simpletools.h"                       // Include header files
#include "ping.h"
#include "wavplayer.h"                         // Must be 0.9 or later, 10-31-2013
#include "abdrive.h"                           // Must be 0.5.5 or later, 10-31-2013

int main()                                     // Main function
  freqout(4, 2000, 2000);                      // Reset indicator
  drive_setRampStep(10);                       // 10 ticks/sec / 20 ms
  int DO = 22, CLK = 23, DI = 24, CS = 25;     // SD I/O pins
  sd_mount(DO, CLK, DI, CS);                   // Mount SD card
  wav_volume(10);                              // Set volume here, 1-10

    drive_ramp(128, 128);                      // Forward 128 ticks/second
    while(ping_cm(8) >= 20) pause(5);          // Drive until object in range
    drive_ramp(0, 0);                          // Then stop
    wav_play("excuseme.wav");                  // Play wav file named in string
    pause(4000);                               // Time to speak & let obstacle move
    if(ping_cm(8) < 21)                        // If obstacle is still there
      wav_play("byebye.wav");                  // Play wav file named in string
      pause(1000);                             // Time to speak before moving

      int turn = rand() % 2;                   // Turn in a random direction
      if(turn == 1)                            // If turn is odd (1)
        drive_speed(48, -48);                  // rotate right
      else                                     // else if turn is even (0)
        drive_speed(-48, 48);                  // rotate left
      while(ping_cm(8) < 20);                  // Turn till object not in view
      wav_play("thankyou.wav");                // Play wav file named in string
      pause(1000);                             // Time to speak before moving