Propeller C Programming with the ActivityBot 360°

Meet the ActivityBot 360°

This compact, zippy robot matches a multi-core Propeller microcontroller brain with great hardware:

  • Versatile Propeller Activity Board WX perched atop our classic, sturdy aluminum chassis
  • Custom-made Feedback 360° High Speed servos and wheels with O-ring tires ensure straight straightaways and consistent maneuvers
  • SD card for datalogging and file storage
  • Electronic components for building navigation systems using touch, visible light, infrared light, and ultrasonic sensors

What It's About

This tutorial is about building the ActivityBot robot and programming its 8-core Propeller microcontroller brain using the text-based C language.  By following these pages step by step, you will learn to:

  • Assemble and wire up your robot
  • Set up the SimpleIDE programming software
  • Find the special C libraries and example code just for your ActivityBot
  • Write simple programs in C for the multi-core Propeller microcontroller
  • Program your ActivityBot to navigate with encoders
  • Build sensor-based navigation systems for your ActivityBot so it can navigate on its own

Hardware needed

NOTE: If you have the original ActivityBot with external encoders (#32500) use the Legacy Version tutorial instead.

Before You Start

To work with the ActivityBot 360°, you will need the SimpleIDE programming software set up.  Learning a little about the Propeller microcontroller and practicing some programming before diving into robotics is also a good idea.  Complete these short tutorials before you start:

After You Finish

Once you've mastered the basics, you can mod your 'bot with your newfound skills. 

If You Need Help

...we will help you! Email .

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