Test and Correct BoE Electrical Connections

Test and Correct Electrical Connections

Is the barrel plug connected correctly?  

If you have not already done so, make sure your batteries are freshly charged.  Follow the instructions provided on the charger case.

  • Follow the BOE power barrel plug leads to the Arlo power distribution board.
  • Verify that the lead with the white stripes is connected to the +6.5V socket of the AUX terminal.
  • Verify that the other lead (without the white stripes) is connected to the GND socket of the AUX terminal.
  • Turn on the Arlo’s Main power rocker switch.
  • Set the BOE’s 3-position power switch to 1.
  • Check if the BOE’s power light came on.
    • Yes -  the BOE’s power is connected correctly.
    • No - turn all power switches off immediately.
  • Turn ARLO and BOE power back off.

If the BOE’s power light did not come on:

  • Check your the barrel plug’s AUX connection, AUX connection fuse.  If both are good, check your soldering.


Are the P13 and P12 correctly connected to Ch1 and Ch2?  

  • Verify that one 3-wire cable connects the BOE’s P13 port to the DHB-10’s Ch1 port.
  • Verify that the other 3-wire cable connects the BOE’s P12 port to the DHB-10’s Ch2 port.
  • Check the cables in BOE’s P13 and P12, both black wires should align with the Black label to the right of the servo ports.
  • Check the cables in the DHB-10’s Ch1 and CH2 ports.  Both black wires should align with the B label next to the Ch2 port.