Clear the BS2 Program

Clear the BS2’s program

Let’s make sure to clear the program in the BASIC Stamp 2 before turning motor power on.  That way, some Boe-Bot program that used to be in there won’t send your Arlo into unexpected maneuvers.

  • Make sure the Arlo’s Motors power is off.
  • Connect your board’s programming cable to your computer.
  • Turn on the Arlo’s Main power.
  • Set the BOE’s power switch to 1.
  • Open the No Surprise Maneuvers.bs2 program into your BASIC Stamp programming software.
  • Run the program using your BASIC Stamp programming software’s Run button.
' Arlo - No Surprise Maneuvers.bs2
' Run this before ever turning on power to the Arlo's motors to prevent any
' unexpected motions.
' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}

FREQOUT 4, 2000, 3000                         ' Beep -> program starting
DEBUG "Your Arlo will stay still."            ' Success message
END                                           ' End program