Try & Tune Some Boe-Bot Code

Try & Tune Some Boe-Bot Code

Try the Unmodified Code

Let’s try the ForwardLeftRightBackward.bs2 program from pages 107-108 in Robotics with the Boe-Bot v3.0.  You might have noticed that the last serial command to the Arlo in the previous program was SEROUT 13, 32800, ["PULSE", CR].  That switched the Arlo’s DHB-10 from serial communication mode to pulse mode in preparation for this program.  When the Arlo’s DHB-10 starts up, it automatically goes into pulse mode.  So, another option for switching a program out of serial communication mode is to simply restart the DHB-10.  You can do that by either pressing and releasing its reset button or turning Motors power off and back on.   

  • Set power like this: MAIN (on), MOTORS (off), BOE (position-2)
  • Run ForwardLeftRightBackward.bs2.
  • Turn all power off, unplug the programming cable, and take to your Arlo navigation area.
  • Turn MAIN and MOTORS power on.
  • Set the BOE power switch to 2.
  • Verify that the Arlo goes forward, turns left, then right, then backs up to near where it started.

The program would make a Boe-Bot turn about 90 degrees, but not so with the Arlo. 

  • Make notes on how far it actually turned.
  • Let’s say the Arlo turned 60° instead of 90°.  Since (90/60) x 24 = 36 try replacing 24 with 36 and retry.  A couple iterations to get closer to 90° will probably be needed.  

In the More Precise Maneuvers with Encoders section, we’ll get those 90° turns on the first try!