Step 1 - Axle Assemblies

  • Carefully cut and remove the zip tie from the Bearing Assembly. 
  • Next, align the axle’s socket with the motor’s square drive shaft and insert it into place. 

When the drive shaft / bearing assembly is all the way on the square motor drive pin, it should look like the above image.

Although the axle is precision-machined to fit with the motor shaft, sometimes the axles may slide on effortlessly or they may require a gentle tap from a non-steel hammer to seat them.  This is due to slight variations in the manufacturing tolerances of the motor drive shafts.

When you insert the axle on the motor drive shaft it may seem loose and wobbly…this is normal.  Once you install the Bearing Block and screw the assembly together, any “wiggle” will almost entirely disappear.  This is well within the drive system and encoder’s resolution design parameters.