Section 7 - Control Components and DHB-10 Connections

In this section, you will mount the Arlo Power Distribution Board and the DHB-10 Motor Controller board. You will also mount the development board of your choice to be the robot's main control board. 

A free Propeller Activity Board WX is included in your kit, and is used as the example in the rest of this guide.  But, the mounting holes in the Arlo Base also fit the BASIC Stamp + Board of Education, and the Board of Education Shield + Arduino Uno. 

You will need the following components:

  • (1) - Arlo Base (pre-constructed in Sections 1-6)
  • (1) - Arlo Power Distribution Board, constructed (Section 4)
  • (1) - Compatible control board of your choosing.
  • (1) - DHB-10 Motor Controller

You will need the following addtional hardware, provided in the Arlo Full Kit:

  • (4) #4-40 x 1.5” long machine screws
  • (4) ½” long x ¼” diameter aluminum un-threaded spacers
  • (8) #4-40 x ¼” Phillips head screws