Router Requirements

The Badge WX is programmed wirelessly over WiFi.  You will use your computer to reach, and a WiFi access point to program the Badge WX.  Your computer and access point must be on the same network, and the WiFi access point must allow devices to interact with each other on its network.

Most home WiFi routers ship configured in a way in a way that's ready for wireless dowloading to the Badge WX. Corporate or educational WiFi access points may have more restrictive access. Unless you know your WiFi access point has restrictive security settings, you may initially skip this section and come back to it if needed,

If you are unable to access your Badge WX via WiFi through your router, update your router settings:

  • Wi-Fi Access Point
    • 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
    • Security: OPEN/WPA/WPA2
    • Encryption: WEP/TKIP/AES
    • Wireless Range: 30 meters LOS
    • DHCP (preferred) or Static
  • Badge WX (host) and computer/smartphone/tablet (client) must join the same network subnet
    • Wi-Fi Access Point must be in bridged mode*, must not isolate devices*, and either...
    • The host is connected to Wi-Fi and client connected by wire to network, or...
    • Both host and client is wirelessly connected to the same Wi-Fi Access Point (and not artificially isolated from each other by the access point)*
  • Wi-Fi Access Point must not require device authorization though splash screen type interaction**

*Bridged mode good, sandboxing bad: Most home network access points are naturally in bridged mode, giving each connected device access to the same subnet and to each other. However, many commercial or educational access points, and some mobile phone hotspots, do not operate in bridged mode. In addition, they may implement separate device isolation—sandboxing—making it impossible for your computer to talk to other devices, such as your Badge WX.

**Policy pages won't work: Some commercial or educational access points, often those with an OPEN security setting, may associate successfully with your Badge WX but then stop communiating.  These access points serve up a web page requiring the user to sign in and/or agree to stated policies before continuing.  Such access points are incompatible with the Badge WX.