Install the Battery Pack

Parts Needed

(2) - Nylon flat-head slotted screws, 3/8″ 4-40
(2) - 1" standoffs
(1) - 5-cell battery pack with 2.1 mm center-positive plug


Battery pack installation.

  • Place the empty battery pack inside the chassis positioned as shown. The easiest way is to insert one side, then press down on the other side. The fit is snug, but it should snap into place with a tiny bit of force (below).

Insert one side, then press downward to snap it in place.

  • Insert the two Nylon flat-head screws through the inside of the battery pack and the chassis.  Use the outermost holes, shown by the arrows.

Arrows to indicate the proper screw holes.

  • From the top of the chassis, thread a 1" round standoff on each screw and tighten.
  • If you have not done so already, locate and install the rubber grommet in the center of the chassis. This will protect the power and servo cords.


  • Pull the battery pack’s power cord and servo lines through the rubber grommet hole in the center of the chassis