Remove the Servo Horns

Identify Your Servos (Again)

  • Check the labels on the servos in your cyber:bot kit again, like you did in the Identify the Servos section near the beginning of Center the Servos First.
  • If the labels on your servos have #900-00040 printed on them, skip to the next page: Install the Servos
  • If the servo labels have #900-00008 printed on them, or if they have no printed part number, continue here. 

Parts List

  • (2) - Parallax continuous rotation servos.   

Servos with shown horns and screws.

  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the servo control horns on the output shafts.

Servos with horn and screws removed.

  • Pull each horn upwards and off the servo output shaft.
  • Save the screws; you will need them again soon!