Control your cyber:bot with an Infrared TV Remote

An Infrared Remote is the easiest way to add wireless control to your cyber:bot. This example lets you drive the robot nine different directions using the numbers on the remote. Once you know how the code works, you can extend the use of the remote control for other purposes. You could start the robot in a contest and then change the behavior: adjust speeds, enable different sensors, turn LEDs on or off. Take a look at the video below to see what you’re in for!

Before You Start

Build and test your cyber:bot, following all Prerequisite and Main tutorials up to Navigation with the cyber:bot. If you know how to program your cyber:bot with drive speeds to move different directions then you’re ready to try this project.

What’s Needed

After you Finish

You will know how to write a script that makes your cyber:bot respond to remote button presses with the behaviors you assign.  That could be motion, LED matrix pictures, or sound effects.