cyber:bot Roaming with the Ping)))

This project demonstrates how a cyber:bot can roam around and avoid objects on the right, front and left of the chassis using the Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor and Mounting Bracket Kit. A Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor mounted on a servo can measure distances at any interval across a 180 degree radius. This technique can be used to travel down a narrow hallway or maze, staying centered in the corridor. You may also program the cyber:bot to never get stuck since it can easily detect obstacles on the sides. 
Cyber:bots are made to be modified! What if your cyber:bot could be outfitted with wheel traction devices to travel on snow, ice, and pine needles? We hot-glued some screws to the perimeter of the wheel to test this concept. The video and short instructions are the last page of this tutorial.

cyber:bot Ping))) roaming with "traction tires". cyber:bot Ping))) roaming with "traction tires".


What’s Needed

Any hardware (screws, locknuts, etc) we use either comes from our cyber:bot kit, the Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor + Mounting Bracket kit, or can be easily found at any local hardware store. We typically use #4-40 screw sizes.