Measure How Far from Vertical or Level

In addition to the rotation angle with opposite and adjacent x and y values, your scripts can calculate the triangle’s hypotenuse to determine how far from vertical the micro:bit has been tilted.

Example script: rotate_angle_with_degree_of_tilt

  • Enter this script and save it as rotate_angle_with_degree_of_tilt.  
  • Flash the script into the micro:bit.
# rotate_angle_with_degree_of_tilt

from microbit import *
import math


while True:
    x = accelerometer.get_x()
    y = accelerometer.get_y()
    angle = round( math.degrees( math.atan2(y, x) ) )
    hyp = round( math.sqrt( x**2 + y**2 ) )

    print("x =", x, ", y =", y, ", angle =", angle)
    print("hyp =", hyp)

  • Open the terminal.
  • Hold the micro:bit vertical and pick a rotation angle, like 60°.
  • Note the angle and hyp values.
  • Start holding the micro:bit vertically, rotated at 45 degrees.  Make a note of the hyp variable value.  It should be near 1024.


Tilt it 45° degrees away from you (toward level) while keeping the rotation at 45°.  The angle should stay the same, but the hyp variable should report a smaller value.


Continuing to hold the rotation at 45°, tilt it a little further toward level.  Did the hyp variable value get even smaller?