How to Save and Reopen a Script in Python Editor v2

Before you Start

You will need:

How to Save a Script

  • Open a Chrome web browser (it has to be Chrome) and go to
  • IMPORTANT: The page will open with an offer to try the new beta version of the editor.  Click the Not now button to continue with the /v/2 version of the editor.

A "Hello, World!" script will be displayed in the editor.

  • To save the script, firs click the Script Name field and type a unique (or not so unique) name. 
  • Then, click the Load/Save button.


  • In the Load/Save dialog box, click the Download Project Hex button, and wait for the file to appear in the bottom margin of your Chrome browser. 
  • Click the drop-down symbol next to the file and select Show in Folder (or Show in Finder on Macs).


  • Locate the file in the file browser window that appears, and optionally move or copy it to a folder of your own creation where you’d prefer to save your scripts.


  • Back in the Chrome browser, click the the X in the Load/Save dialog box to close it.


How to open a Saved Script

  • First, make changes to the script to make the changes more evident when you reopen a previously saved script.
  • Then, click Load/Save.


  • In the Load/Save box, click the “Or browse for a file” link.


  • In the Open dialog box, click the .hex file you saved earlier to select it.
  • Then click the Open button.


Presto!  The script you saved has been reopened.