Tilt-Control Gripper cyber:bot with Feedback 360° Servos

This project is written especially for cyber:bot robots that have been upgraded with Parallax Feedback 360° servos.  If your cyber:bot instead has the continuous rotation servos that came in the regular kit, go to Tilt-Controlled Gripper with the cyber:bot Robot instead.  

The activities in this project will help you test and tune your Gripper with a cyber:bot that has been upgraded with Feedback 360° servos.  They also introduce expanding basic cyber:bot maneuvers by picking up and setting down objects along the way.  If you have an extra micro:bit GO Bundle (or a second cyber:bot robot with micro:bit), try the fourth activity too.  It extends the Cybersecurity: Radio Tilt Control project by adding remote button control to pick up and set down objects.

Before you start

You will need:

Complete these tutorials first:

After You Finish

You will be able to:

  • Understand how to control a standard servo by making it turn to and hold certain degree angles.
  • Write scripts that incorporate Gripper control into cyber:bot navigation with Feedback 360° servos.

Gripper control with the cyber:bot robot can be a great first step toward robotics contests that involve fetching and sorting objects.  Gripper control with the cyber:bot robot also introduces the basics of robotic arm control.  Vending machines, manufacturing, medical research, underwater remotely operated vehicle “hands and arms,” these devices and machines have engineer designers and technical staff to make sure they run properly.  So, this could even be the first step toward a variety of job opportunities.