More Automation

Try This: Update Button A

Let's add a button A feature to make the cyber:bot take an object and place it back where it started before you pressed button B.

  • Make the one change and add all the lines as shown below.  
  • Save your modified script by changing the Script Name field to cyber_bot_gripper_forward_backward_object and then clicking Load/Save and selecting Download Project Hex.
  • Flash the script into the cyber:bot, unplug USB, and set PWR to 2.
  • Verify that the B button will make the cyber:bot bring an object forward and the A button will bring it back to the starting point.


Your Turn

Your Gripper-equipped cyber:bot with Feedback 360° servos is by no means limited to forward and backward.  With some modifications to the script, you can add any of the turns introduced in the Upgrade Your cyber:bot with Feedback 360 Servos project’s Maneuvers with Speed Control and More Turning Maneuvers activities.

  • Try writing a script where:
    • the cyber:bot rolls forward,
    • picks up an object,
    • turns in place by 180°,
    • then rolls forward again to set the object down near where it started.