Safety Test after Hacking

Now that you have modified the hardware and/or firmware for the ELEV-8 v3, it is necessary to test its functionality to make sure it is safe to fly. Yes, do this every time you made hardware and/or firmware modifications!

DO NOT SKIP THIS PROCEDURE!  Flying with untested firmware is dangerous and can cause severe injury or property damage or loss.

If you have not done so already, REMOVE YOUR PROPELLERS before proceeding!

If your ELEV-8 v3 fails to pass any of the steps below, STOP - disconnect the ELEV-8 v3's battery and return to prior steps to begin troubleshooting the problem.

  • The propeller blades should NOT be installed on the motors. If they are installed, remove them now.
  • Place your ELEV-8 v3 on a hard, flat surface.
  • Turn on your transmitter.
  • Open the Parallax GroundStation on your computer.
  • Connect your ELEV-8 v3 to your computer with its USB cable.

Pay close attention to the RGB LED on the Flight Controller.  During this process, it should continue to flash/alternate colors.  Except during power-up, arming and disarming, if the LED stops flashing, there is a problem with your code and it is not safe to fly.

  • Verify that the GroundStation software shows that the ELEV-8 v3 is connected.
  • Pick up your ELEV-8 v3 and make sure that the GroundStation is displaying it's orientation correctly and smoothly.
  • Move the sticks around on your transmitter and make sure that the GroundStation is displaying them properly.
  • Disconnect your ELEV-8 v3 from your computer.
  • Connect your ELEV-8 v3's battery.
  • Arm your ELEV-8 v3.
  • Make sure all 4 motors are spinning.
  • Move your transmitter sticks around.  Continue moving them around for at least 90 seconds (1.5 minutes).  Make sure that your motors are changing speeds appropriately.

The Propeller microcontroller on the Flight Controller has a system clock that takes approximately 53 seconds to roll back over to zero and start again.  Testing for 90 seconds ensures that the rollover will not cause a lock-up.

  • Check your Gear switch to make sure that your ELEV-8 v3 is changing modes appropriately.
  • Disarm your ELEV-8 v3.  Make sure the motors stop.

If your ELEV-8 v3 passed all of the above tests, it should be safe to re-install the propeller blades when you are ready to fly.  

For your first flight with modified firware and hardware, follow all safety precautions.  

Fly gently, close to the ground, and away from any people, objects, or structures until you are confident that your ELEV-8 v3 is performing normally.