Program the Shield-Bot and Remote

Prepare your Shield-Bot

  • Build and test your BOE Shield-Bot, following at least Chapters 3 and 4 in Robotics with the BOE Shield for Arduino.
  • Build and test the infrared LED/receiver circuits from Chapter 7, Activity 1.
  • Download the IR Remote Shield-Bot Arduino Code
  • Put the robot's 3-position switch into position-0, and disconnect the power cable.
  • Connect the Arduino programming cable, and run the ony_IR_Shield_Multi_Bot code.
  • Disconnect the programming cable and put your BOE Shield-Bot on the ground.
  • Reconnect the power cable, and put the power switch into position-2.


Prepare your IR Remote

  • Configure the universal remote to be Sony-compatible, using the instructions that came packaged with it. 

Important!  The remote you are using MUST be configured to send Sony-compatible infrared signals. 
The Arduino code provided for this project makes the BOE Shield-Bot recognize Sony IR remote signals only!  For example, the BRIGHTSTAR universal remote sold by Parallax is programmed by holding the SET-UP button down until an LED on the remote lights up, then entering the code 605.  Different models of remotes may use different codes and configuration methods. Check your remote's docs!