Build the Bot and Sensor System

What To Do

  • Build and test your BOE Shield-Bot, following at least Chapters 3 and 4 in Robotics with the BOE Shield for Arduino.
  • Make sure the jumper between your Servo Headers is set to 5V.
  • Attach the Ping))) sensor and Mounting Bracket Kit to your BOE Shield-Bot, following the directions that come with the kit.
  • The Ping))) Sensor plugs into Servo Header 10 on the BOE Shield.
  • Mounting bracket standard servo plugs into Servo Header 11 on the BOE Shield.
  • Don't forget to center the mounting bracket's standard servo; see the Parallax Standard Servo KickStart download for example Arduino servo centering code.
  • If you want to, thread a 3/8 inch screw through a hole in the long arm of each L bracket, then through a hole in the top left side of the robot chassis, and secure it with the locknut.  Swivel the L brackets so they are 180 degrees apart.
  • Now you can thread a bamboo skewer traveling staff through the holes in the brackets' short arms. 

L brackets make a good travel staff holder for the BOE Shield-Bot