ActivityBot with C Tutorials

The ActivityBot Robot is an incredibly powerful and capable robot, originally designed for programming in Propeller C. This tutorial series is perfect for learners who are new to text-based programming and robotics; our SimpleIDE software and easy-to-learn Propeller C language System make beginner robotics approachable and fun.

This series has been divided into three consecutive sections (described below) to guide you linearly through the tutorials whether you're in the classroom, or DIY-learning at home.  We strongly recommend you follow these tutorials in order unless you're an experienced roboticist who is familiar with both BlocklyProp and the ActivityBot Robot.

  • Prerequisite(s) - Completing these introductory tutorials is highly recommended before you proceed with the main lesson(s). These tutorials are designed to teach the foundational skills you will rely on as you progress through the tutorial series.
  • Main Lesson(s) - This tutorial, or sequence of tutorials, takes you from start to finish through your robotics kit. You will progress through robot construction and programming basics, to autonomous navigation using the sensors and components included in your kit.
  • Projects - Once you have completed the main lesson(s), or if you are simply looking for new ideas and activities, give these projects a try! Most will require one or more additional hardware components not included in the main robot kit. These items are usually available through our ecommerce website Check the parts list for each project for details on what you’ll need.


Main Lesson(s)