BS2 Board of Education Tutorial Series

Familiarize yourself with beginner-level PBASIC programming in this language-focused tutorial series. Whether you're getting ready for robotics with your Boe-Bot Robot, or just wanting to start simple with a new programming language, this series is the perfect place to get started.

This tutorial series has been divided into two sections (described below) to guide you logically through the tutorials whether you're in the classroom, or DIY-learning at home.  We recommend that you complete the main lesson(s) before trying the projects unless you are already familiar with PBASIC.

  • Main Lesson(s) - This tutorial, or sequence of tutorials, takes you from start to finish through the BASIC Stamp Activity or BASIC Stamp Discovery kit. If you do not have the BASIC Stamp Activity/Discovery Kit referenced in What's A Microcontroller?, you can still try some of the activities from that text that don't require hardware from the kit. This text is available as a free PDF download, or a physical textbook in our online store.
  • Projects - Once you have completed the main lesson(s), or if you are simply looking for new ideas and activities, give these projects a try! Most will require extra hardware and sensors not included with your control board or kit. These items are usually available through our ecommerce website Check the parts list for each project for details on what you’ll need.

Main Lesson(s)