cyber:bot Tutorial Series

The cyber:bot Robot. Introducing the cyber:bot Robot!

Developed in conjunction with CYBER.ORG, the cyber:bot robot adds a tangible hardware dimension to Python-focused computer science, cybersecurity, and CTE programs. It merges a micro:bit module with the Parallax small robot form factor that's a proven STEM success in classrooms from middle school into college. Check out the cyber:bot product family on!

Follow these tutorials in order unless you're familiar with both Python and the Parallax small robot design. Cybersecurity activities are optional!!

  • Prerequisites — This section will help you set up your software, prepare your micro:bit, and add your cyberbot library modules. It will also take you through the basics of Python programming before you jump into the robotics aspect.
  • Main Lesson(s) — The Robotics tutorials take you from start to finish through your robotics kit, from building to basic maneuvers to DIY sensor navigation. Then try the Cybersecurity series, where the micro:bit and cyber:bot are your allies for learning the basic tricks and traps for safe radio communication.
  • Projects — Once you have mastered the basics give these projects a try! Most require additional hardware, available at or as parts of class packs. Check the parts list for each project for details.

For Teachers: A Scope and Sequence as well as educator-only assessment materials are available for these tutorials. Email for educator-only access; please provide a link to your name in your school's faculty directory.  For additional free curriculum, see CYBER.ORG.

Note: Instruction updates for Python editor v2 to v3 are underway.


Main Lesson(s)