Connection test

When connected, the micro:bit should appear to your computer as a removable drive, like a USB thumb drive, where you can view and drag-and-drop files.

  • Connect your micro:bit to your computer with a USB cable.

If this is the first time your micro:bit has been used it may display some symbols and messages on its LED matrix - play along if you like!

  • Just ignore any Windows prompt asking you to choose what to do with removable drives.

  • If Windows displays a "Setting up..." or "Installing driver..." message, wait for "Device is ready" before proceeding.


View the MICROBIT drive and files

  • If you are using Windows or Chromebook,  a notification may pop up indicating a drive was detected. If so, select open.


  • If no dialog appears, browse to find the drive.
  • Click the drive in the left columns of the file browser to see the contents in the right side.

    Windows Explorer:

    Mac Finder:

    Chromebook Files app:

  • Once you have found your MICROBIT drive in the steps above, leave it open in the file browser and go to the next page.