Software Options

There are two micro:bit software options for programming the micro:bit on the cyber:bot:

  • Compare the options below and choose what's best for your computer and internet access needs. Setup instructions are on the next page.

Online Python Editor

Mu Editor
Compatible with: Chromebook
Windows 7(1) & up
Mac OS X 10.6 & up
Windows 7(1) & up
Mac OS X 10.6 & up
Internet connection required? Yes. Chrome browser recommended; may not be supported by some browsers. No
Software Installation required? No Yes
Serial Debugging Yes(2)(4) Yes(3)(4)
License fees None - free None - free
COPPA Compliant Exempt - no data collected Exempt - no data collected

(1) Not compatible with Win RT or Win 10 S-mode
(2) Win 7 does not support web-based serial debugging
(3) Win 7 requires extra driver install; Win 8/10 support automatic
(4) Requires Google Chrome browser 6.5 & up

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